Why You Should Hire Us Today​


We will rent and manage your furnished rental house for you. By hiring us, you won't be involved with tenant drama, make hard phone calls, or deal with issues. So you can sit back, relax, and watch your investment grow.

Full Service Property Management


Our office is just a 20 minute drive from Phoenix. You can ensure that we will be able to check on your furnished rental property on a weekly basis and report back to you if any work needs done. 

We Are Local


This one is self explanatory. We have lived in the Phoenix area for over 10 years now and have been in the real estate market for much longer than that. With our knowledge and expertise we will be able to lease your furnished rental property quickly while getting the most out of your investment.

Extensive Management Experience


Because we double as a property management company, we don't let just anyone live in the furnished rental. We heavily screen our tenants and do not accept anyone with previous evictions or bankruptcies. 

In-Depth Tenant Screening Process


We have access to MLS which will allow every real estate agent in the Phoenix area to help bring in potential  tenants. We don't stop there though, we also will list your property on other popular sites such as Trulia, Zillow, Realtor, and many more. 

Professional Online Marketing


We respond to most emails within the hour we receive them. While our office hours are from 9am-4pm, you can guarantee a quick response from us between 6am-10pm everyday (even holidays).

Excellent Communication

Five Potential Problems Owners Have That We Can Help Solve

Please contact us regarding any specific problems that you may have. We are happy to give you free advice or completely take over your negative situation and turn it into a positive for you.  We have MANY landlord references that will attest to this!

Our Services

  • Monthly Rent Collections

  • Complete Handling of Maintenance Requests

  • Proper Tenant Relations Management

  • Annual Lease Renewals

  • Tenant Eviction Services

  • Emergency Management

  • Make-Rent Ready Coordination

  • Professional Advice & Counsel

  • State & Local Law Compliance

  • Monthly Accounting Statement

  • Annual Accounting Statement

  • Collection and payment of "rental sales taxes"

1. Problem Tenants

Having owned hundreds of rental houses ourselves during the past 23 years, there is no situation that we haven’t already came across and solved. We enjoy the challenges associated with taking over a negative situation and turning it around to a positive for the landlord.  We are not afraid of problems and can remove you from the situation and handle it for you, whether it be a consistently late paying tenant, or worse a tenant that needs to be evicted.

2. Repair Problems

We’ve taken over many properties that the owner thought that repairs were not handled correctly.  Some of those problems might be an overzealous manager, a dishonest manager, or even an unresponsive manager. If currently managing the property yourself, you may just not have the time or contacts to handle repairs effectively.  We have exceptional subcontractors that are fairly priced that we use and you will benefit by using those. Managers that have employees that they use for repairs, usually mark those repairs up to gain financially from your problem.  While we lived in Missouri we owned five properties here and that’s exactly what our property manager was doing. We will never do that and we also contact the owner via email for every repair no matter the size of cost for their approval before completing. 

3. Accounting Problems

We have purchased expensive software that allows our clients 24/7 access to their accounts. You can generate every kind of report you can dream up, and for any time period that you prefer.  This is going to save you a tremendous amount of headache at tax time.  There is no need for you to request your monthly or year-end statement and then wait for the manager to respond.  It is all there at your fingertips and updated in real time.  You can even view repair invoices that we have paid on your behalf.  Our current clients love this software!

4. Sales Tax

Every City in this area charges a rental tax to the owner. Most self-managing owners don’t realize this and are not in compliance.  We have the licenses needed to collect the tax (on top of the rent), and pay it to the appropriate City on the owners behalf.

5. Not Being Familiar With the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act (ALTA)

The Arizona Landlord Tenant Act is the governing law for rental properties here. We are very familiar with the law and can help you be in full compliance as it pertains to your rental property.  One of many examples of this would be the obligations that it spells out for landlords.  Our attorney also wrote parts of ALTA and therefore we have that resource available when there are any specific questions or problems from either the landlord or the tenant.